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The best meals are shared behind simple front doors,
made with love, and served
to the lucky few who get a seat at the table.

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Celebrate your Love of Cooking

We are passionate about sharing memorable dining experiences!

With a mutual love of great food, we connect foodies to talented chefs, and home-cooks eager to host people over an authentic meal created in their kitchen.

Explore local cuisines, meet new people, enjoy endless conversations, and discover hidden culinary experiences around the city!

How to Become a Host

Apply to be a Host

Join our host community and share your culinary creations. Host a rooftop dinner, an intimate lunch or an interactive cooking experience. Design your own experience and let your gastronomic imagination fly! Share the recipes and ingredients you love most and set the right atmosphere in your home… music, candles, table settings?

Create tantalizing descriptions and enticing photography to show your guests what to expect when booking your experience. Whether it’s a traditional family recipe or your very own innovative twist, show your creativity and let your passion shine.

Post Your Experience

Host your Guests

Prepare the meal, set-up the atmosphere and serve your exclusive menu to the curious foodies around your table. Meet new people, enjoy a fulfilling activity and get rewarded for doing what you love.

Why It Works

BreakBread is inspired by a concept as old as humankind itself, gathering to eat, drink, talk and share stories. Friendships are forged, taste buds are teased, and homes are filled with laughter and love of food. It is a recipe for many fabulous nights for hosts and guests alike.


Meet new, like-minded people

Share your
passion for food

Expand your
culinary skills

Entertain and


Fit it around your schedule

Develop your
creative menus

Join a new social
dining movement

Join us and start hosting

We would love for you to join our growing host community and
share your cooking talent with the world!

Trust & Security

Your safety and security are of paramount importance for us. At BreakBread, we ensure that our hosts, venues and food meet the highest standards. We are a transparent and safe space for hosts and diners alike.

  • Vetted Hosts
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Review and Rating System
  • Secure Payments

Frequently Asked Questions

You can host anything from lunch or brunch to dinner, an aperitif, picnic or afternoon tea.
BreakBread will contact you directly and notify you if you have successfully been accepted to list dining experiences with us.
To choose the price of your events you can make an average of the amount that you spend on the ingredients you need for it and consider the time that you are going to give to every event.

Break Bread will vet your experience to ensure that it meets our quality standards. We will help with your content creation and bring along a professional photographer to provide you with original images that accurately reflect your experience.

Yes, you can set a different address for each experience. 
There is nothing illegal about having people over for a home cooked meal.
Didn’t see your question answered here? Contact us at [email protected] We’re happy to help.

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